Tuesday, July 31, 2007

That KM!!!

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A certain someone, who shall not be named, but surely knows that I dislike me-mes, has tagged me nevertheless. I'm only doing this cos she owes me a pair of shoes!

Oh, and I don't care about the rules. Muahahahahahaha........

1. Where is your cell phone: On my desk, and the other one's in my bag. Omera habits yawa!

2. Relationship: Love my baby to bits!!

3. Your hair: Loc'd and proud!

4. Work: Enjoying it. Lakini I can see some real hard decision making in the pipeline.

5. Your sisters: One... almost carbon copy. Msim-harass kwa matatu!

6. Your favorite things: Books, strokes, Mamarula, music, friends, traveling, family, fish, my baby, shoes, shoes, bags! etc

7. Your dream last night: Eh, heh heh I have very complicated dreams. They're like an entire season of Prison Break crammed into 8 hours! Yaani I barely remember them myself. Lakini yani I dream the colours are in technicolor!!

8. Your favorite drink: Eeh alcoholic ama the entire spectrum of fluids? Juice? Alcohol?..... ah this question is hard. The only one I don't drink is gin. Everything else is fair game. I've even drunk palm wine!

9. Your dream car: ANY range rover!! Kwanza the old mkebe Vogue!! I want a canary yellow one with cowhide interior!! Ama the Sport. Its kinda cute! Oh and Jaguars are pretty cool too. Ama a Porsche 911 boxter!

10. The room you’re in: Ofisi, lots of lunatics. Enyewe we need an in-house shrink

11. Your shoes: Never enough!! Yaani now, why can't I have all the shoes I want!

12. Your fears: Death of loved ones. I am also discovering a fear of heights and flying. Dunno know where from!

13. What do you want to be in 10 years: Why should I have answer to this? As if it makes it any difference. I just wanna be happy! Oh and I want to be a mummy!

14. Who did you hang out with this weekend: His pals, my pals, and a very well built and athletic stripper!

15. What are you not good at: Demanding what I deserve.

16. Muffins? Yes please, bran ones. Lakini, only from the Karen provision store and they bloody don't make them any more!

17. Wish-list item: Yay finally bought the camera (it is beautiful!) so now I want babies, the 30gb iPod or a brand spanking new VW Golf! Oh, and I'm standing at a wedding on Sato and NEED gold shoes. HELP!

18. Where you grew up: Outskirts of Nairobi

19. The last thing you did: Laugh at a colleague, lakini in good faith.

20. What are you wearing: Skirt!

21. What are you not wearing: Like KM says, dumb question, but if I must answer... Manolo Blahniks!

22. Your favorite pet: I REALLY want a dog. I keep trying to get my friends with compounds to get a dog we can co-share.

23. Your computer: Eh still in a store somewhere...

24. Your life: I'm happy.

25. Your mood: I'm good, thanks.

26. Missing: A good night's sleep. Like 12 hours!

27. What are you thinking about: Eh, nothing really. My back aches.

28. Your dream location: Greece or Jamaica.

29. Your Ex: I still think he's kinda hot but now I know he's a cad! But he's an honourable cad so that's cool.

30. Your Favorite Item: My camera definitely. I need to name it.

31. Your favorite color: Green, I'm obsessed with it! Otherwise earthy reds, peaches, oranges, browns....

32. Last time you laughed: Three minutes ago.

33. Last time you cried: Actually, since I cry during every extreme makeover home edition and sappy movie, can't answer this one objectively.

34. School: Dear Lord, help me to get my ass back in school this year!

35. Love: is yummy!


bankelele said...

we must all thank (that certian) someone for bring you out of hiatus
- i must disgree on 9 - range rover have messed up their cars, that you're afraid to take it off the road. The LR Disovery LD3 is the one!

gishungwa said...

lovely list and good to have you back. Is palm wine=mnazi if yes then we have something in common.

kipepeo said...

good to have you back!!

KenyanMusings said...

Tihiii, Thanks for doing the tag!!! Seriously you know me I'm a langa for shoes so mention the day, I will get a loan and we are good to go! Kwnaja some boots I saw at Mango going for 2 paychecks...ngoja tu, I'm going to find the excat look alike in Sunbeam or Shoe palace. You just wait. Even that bag in Stuttafords with matching shoes....*sniiiiff** 37 g's. As I said, exact same set. I have my ways. Izz between me and my father in heaven!

Shoeees, I'm sorry why can I not have shoes for every meal cos *smh* they rock. And bags.

Gold Shoes? Try Mango,designer Outlet or Shoe Palace.
Mango def have the gold ones. I got a lusssh gold pair the other day....mwehhe, thats why my hair is a mess. Opportunity cost mami!!
Shoe palace have as well but, I'm not saying they have bling on them...but ermm they have bling on them. Ni haku...'bring bring'...the only thing they are good for is pumps!
oooor, and this is strictly between you and Jesus.... that dingy place but with cool gold shoes nonetheless that is opposite equity on Kimathi street that has this mama who sells pudding just as you go in. LOL. Serious, once you are outta there, you and the people from Manolo and Choo will be judged by the same God. Ala!


Tell me I did not just save your life. You will be the funkiets girl standing. LOOL @ standing. Mami!! Yaani, english came by ship for real?

*Missy is in Loooove! Missy is in Looove* tihii

Nakeel said...

KM thanks for bringing her back. Love the tag interesting.

R said...

I'm with Banks, bravo to whoever smoked you out of wherever you were hiding.

Number 15... sigh. Would you be any good at demanding what I deserve on my behalf?

Also, how you? You sound ... content. Good for you.

p1nk13 said...

suprising how such a thing tells you alot about a person. your such a sport

Anonymous said...

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