Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nairobi Metropolitan Development and Implementation of Vision 2030

Oh for crying out loud!

I knew it was too soon to celebrate. Obviously, Kenya needs more than just change, we need to get rid of a whole lot of people. And when I say get rid off, I don't mean dispatching them to their obscenely large farms to spend the rest of their days counting their horses and farming brussels sprouts or whatever it is that obscenely rich retired people do!. I'm after a more permanent form of getting rid of.

Read into that statement what you will.

Nairobi Metropolitan Development and Implementation of Vision 2030?

What the hell do these guys take us for?? Ati 44 ministries? Ok, honestly, why the hell do we still put up with this band of fools?

What will heck will the minister of Special Programmes be doing anyway that the minister for National Heritage and Culture will not? Will the minister for development of North Kenya and other Arid Areas (productive) live in Wajir?

So now we need two separate ministries for 'Trade' and 'Industry (productive)'?

I'm so done with those fools!!!

Who has Bin Laden's phone number?