Friday, April 06, 2007

I do not lye!

So, in addition to spending the last few many months lurking around the greater blogosphere, obviously my life, like all others, has moved right along. Well, I'm not yet a mommy... or anything as cool as that!!


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I do not lye, anymore! The creamy crack has been banished from my life!!

I've been planning this for years. Somehow, I always knew I'd end up loc'd. I had my first crop of locs in 2002, but i took them down in 2004 after a bad break-up.

(Exactly WHY is it, that women make such rash hair decisions after break ups? Someone better find a cure for that ish STAT!!)

So, after one particularly traumatizing crack application about two years ago (goddamnit my scalp was damn near broiled!!), I began to come to the decision that maybe this long, sleek, straight hair thing wasn't for me. Besides, my long healthy hair got shorter and shorter after every crack session because of all the breakage and well.... they apply the damn crack with gloves on onto my naked scalp. It's called a damn chemical process. Chemicals people!! Why don't i just pour a vat of battery acid on my head next time! (Ok, tiny exaggeration)

Anyway, I decided that that stuff is not for me. So i kinda braided my hair till it was growing out of my scalp pre-braided!! I'd known people for years who'd never seen my hair!

I was almost definitely going to go back to locs. My heart kept leading me back to locs. For a while, I toyed with the idea of the curly mop do (like that Jaden Smith cutie!), but my hair's REALLY kinky, so i'd have to do some stuff to make my hair loosely curled and I just.... my heart wasn't in it.

Then there were all the other concerns. My mum hates locs. Always has, probably always will. She almost had a party when I took down the first headload, and she keeps haranguing my brother about his. Then there was the whole must-look-professional thing.

In the end, none of these reasons was strong enough to hold me back from freeing myself from the bondage of the LYE (insert shivers and scary effects hapa). My mother will just have to learn to deal with it and well, I'll deal with the work issues if and when they happens.

Decision made - check. Hair loc'd - check!

Let me tell you, this ish is NOT easy!! Most of time, I don't know what the hell to do with my hair. I wake up sometimes and I look like a golliwog!! I look all wrong and I want to curl up in bed and never leave but i know its cos my hair is a damn mess!!

I try the turbans but it always comes out wrong and there's only so many times you can rock the Alicia knot. I'm having bad hair weeks!! Months!! I'm trying hats, but everyone wants to look at what's UNDER THEM!!!!

Also, now that my hair is not being constantly having the shit beaten out of it by the creamy crack, its beginning to have some attitude, acting up all the damn time. Revenge it is sweet, huh? It's too dry this minute, then it's too damn oily and sticky the next. My scalp keeps getting back at me for all those years of being basted and fried with the creamy crack by pulling its own sick torture moves; dry and flaking and ashy as hell one week... then fine the next. My head looks like a damn badly-made bird's nest most of the time

It's frustrating and annoying and depressing and I LOVE IT!!

I am not my hair... and I am my hair. I'll es'plain that statement in another post cos this one's getting too damn long and it's Easter y'all! (Happy Easter to you and yours! God bless)

If you stick around, you're going to be hearing a lot more about my hair. So you'se best get comfy with it!

My journey to fabulocity!!

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Ceteris paribus

Heh heh, I know what you're thinking, another tease post. Well, I hope not too.

I miss blogging. In the last few months I have lurked extensively, I have discovered thousands (I kid you not!) of new blogs about so many things!! Fashion and photography (the sartorialist), celebrities {LOL what? What? What!!} (Crunk&Disorderly), beauty (Afrobella), hair (Motown Girl), perfume (Now smell this).

I know all the examples above seem frivolous. Where are the blogs about "important" stuff? The news blogs? The Africa blogs? The political blogs? The development blogs?

I read those too. But I've found, more and more, that for me blogging is more fun when its about things that may seem frivolous to some. Why? Because, for me blogging is about relaxing, venting, life things, hair things, perfume things, clothes things, photo things...... You know, the other stuff that makes the world go round!

I don't want to come across wrong, I'm not saying that the other things - news, politics, development issues, climate change - aren't important to me. They are, and I do read about them. Its just..... I'm kinda around that kind of stuff ALL DAY! I need a break. And when I do....... I turn to my blog roll.

So, why did I quit? Well, mostly because I felt as though my blog had no purpose. What was my blog? Certainly not a news or politics blog. I didn't write about development issues, or African issues. I don't do poetry. I felt rudderless. For a minute, I thought my blog was unimportant.

So, do I now have a purpose? Aw hell no. But I've realised, we all have our place. So what if my blog is all over the place? So what. There are millions of blogs. MILLIONS! Really, what does it matter? Who has the right to say my blog doesn't matter?

So, I'm back, ceteris paribus. Which means, whatever it means.

You can continue to expect the same mish mash you come to expect and love (ha ha).

And I can continue to have a place to record all the stuff that happens to me, when I'm busy dreaming about stuff that's going to happen to me.

Here's to looking at me, kid!