Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The inimitable Luther Vandross

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Think modern soul and R&B and one man comes to mind, Mr. Luther Vandross.

Today, Capital FM has dedicated the Afternoon Jam show to the great late Luther Vandross.

The whole show. Five hours. Two to seven p.m.!


Amazing, stupendous. Heaven!!

A great way to honour a man who changed the face of music. And to celebrate his music. It's just an amazing treat to all Luther Vandross fans.

I'm going to have to leave work and today I didn't carry the hands free enhancement I need to be able to listen to music on my phone. I am in a godamn dilemma! I have a meeting at 5.30 which may last up to or longer than an hour. That means by the time I get out of that meeting, the Afternoon Jam will be over.

I bet you can guess what I'm thinking right now.

Yeah don't think I'm going to make that meeting.

It's LUTHER!!! LUTHER!!! C'mon!!!

So far, this is what they've played:
  • A house is not a home
  • Never too much
  • Stop to love
  • Love won't let me wait
  • There's nothing better than love
  • The power of love
  • Any love
  • How many times can we say goodbye (with Dionne Warwick)
  • Superstar
  • Give me the reason
  • Sugar and spice
  • Don't want to be a fool
  • The closer I get to you (with Beyonce Knowles)
  • I really didn't mean it
  • So amazing (Stevie Wonder/Beyonce cover)

And there's still THREE WHOLE HOURS LEFT!!!

Oh and for once, I think Marcus and Chris are talking too much. I wish they would just SHUT UP play the Luther!!!