Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The inimitable Luther Vandross

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Think modern soul and R&B and one man comes to mind, Mr. Luther Vandross.

Today, Capital FM has dedicated the Afternoon Jam show to the great late Luther Vandross.

The whole show. Five hours. Two to seven p.m.!


Amazing, stupendous. Heaven!!

A great way to honour a man who changed the face of music. And to celebrate his music. It's just an amazing treat to all Luther Vandross fans.

I'm going to have to leave work and today I didn't carry the hands free enhancement I need to be able to listen to music on my phone. I am in a godamn dilemma! I have a meeting at 5.30 which may last up to or longer than an hour. That means by the time I get out of that meeting, the Afternoon Jam will be over.

I bet you can guess what I'm thinking right now.

Yeah don't think I'm going to make that meeting.

It's LUTHER!!! LUTHER!!! C'mon!!!

So far, this is what they've played:
  • A house is not a home
  • Never too much
  • Stop to love
  • Love won't let me wait
  • There's nothing better than love
  • The power of love
  • Any love
  • How many times can we say goodbye (with Dionne Warwick)
  • Superstar
  • Give me the reason
  • Sugar and spice
  • Don't want to be a fool
  • The closer I get to you (with Beyonce Knowles)
  • I really didn't mean it
  • So amazing (Stevie Wonder/Beyonce cover)

And there's still THREE WHOLE HOURS LEFT!!!

Oh and for once, I think Marcus and Chris are talking too much. I wish they would just SHUT UP play the Luther!!!


akiey5 said...

Decisions, decisions Miss Thing, huh?,lol!
Beg, borrow, steal but get an iPod, mini ear-radio to catch the rest of the jam.

Here & Now, Don't want to be a fool and The Power of Love are my most fav Luther songs.

Enjoy your day!

Farmgal said...

kairetu why did you delete thy blog?
I hope somehow you catch the rest of the show.

M said...

Make friends with a watchman. I'm sure he'll hook you up with his transistor radio and yellow kitambaa ....

Movie Buff said...

hey dear,
I got his double greatest hits cds.... lets just say.... HEAVEN!!!!


nick said...

uh heaven thank you for the sms as i traversed the nyeri nairobi highway...capital darn done good

for me my all time fav

-here and now
-if i didnt know better(haki that is a classic i'll email it tou u)
-endless love
-secret love
-if only for one night ..niiight niiiiight niiiiiiiiight

i need a moment

The.Hanyeé said...

LV is a legend, great stuff his music is..thankfully, the hits are immortal.

And great to see you back :-)

Magaidi said...

I listened to the show..waah akina "Best Things in Life", maze that was mzuri. Loved it loved it!

gishungwa said...

Looved it! still int he office waiting for it to end as i wind up on work

The Devious One said...

personally those two peep on Capital take OUT the personality in the phrase radio personalities...they're bland...whack, and totally predicatble aaaaannnnn talk too damn much !
shadaff and play the damnsongs !

Brother Jero (BJ) said...

Ms K, remember me. Hey, Luther's music will be fresh & forever be in our minds. It's this type of music that really distinguishes between a longtime achiever in a career.

Every song was a hit and he sang like it was his only single with the umpth and joy to entertain.

Be good Ms K and holler when you get some time.

W said...

Luther Vandross Live at Radio City Music Hall 2003 is the ultimate collectors cd - I absolutely love it!

sandman said...

Enyewe that baby making music, the things Luther has made me do...wacha tu!

BTW, what happened to the rest of your blog?

mudskippah said...

so now you are invisible?

mutumia said...

Come back home darling. I likes me some "Luffer" lakini I like you more so get back mpenzi. We be waiting.

Fishtears said...

merry xmass from this silent fan

Anonymous said...

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